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@release I switched in 2011. The investment is quickly recovered. The shave process and blade maintenance will take practice, but otherwise go for it! With regard to "versatility", consider the point shape...square is good for exact work, but you'll want to watch that corner. Round is said to be more forgiving. Shave tips, if you want: - Any time I've been cut, it's lateral blade movement; hold a steady line. With soapy water, things get slippery...ignore any instinct to catch a dropped razor. - Shaving in a hurry sucks even more with a straight razor, e.g. rushing out the door: hair that's soaked a bit is easier to cut. - I'm not sure a strop is strictly necessary...even if you do get a better edge. Every shave really is a rewarding experience. ✨

Patrick Walsh @mossymaker