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  1. Quilt While You're Ahead, Part 1

    I thought it would be neat to encode a message in the design of a quilt.

    By Patrick Walsh

  2. EmberConf 2017 in Review

    Notes from EmberConf 2017, highlighting what I want to investigate further. Glimmer Tom and Yehuda introduce Glimmer.js as a stand-alone library for making components. Cool, right?! The web component and TypeScript goodness is exciting, but I'm left imagining what it all means. > Just drop your Glimmer components into an Ember app.1 [https://glimmerjs.com] How Glimmer components fit into existing Ember apps or what a Glimmer app is remain a mystery. I'm sure we'll find out eventually: > T

    By Patrick Walsh

  3. NPS & USFS Have Loads of Trail Construction Information!

    We've been looking to install steps and walkways on the slope in our back yard to help with traction and erosion. We really dig the unsurfaced trails and metal roof look prevalent in PNW state parks, so naturally the search for literature on the subject began; here's what we've dug up so far. NPS and USFS have been doing trail construction and maintenance for years! The National Park Service and USDA Forest Service have loads of trail construction knowledge and experience. We've found a variet

    By Patrick Walsh